Guinea pigs are underrated. They’re small and snuggly, and even require cuddle sacks as part of their care. Let’s show them the love they deserve with a look at some of Instagram’s finest.

Best Group Shots: Princess, Pumpkin, and Poppy (@3happypiggies)

Group photos are no easy feat—try going to brunch and see how many tries it takes before scoring that winning snapshot. Which is why the fact that these three happy piggies have a feed full of trio portraits is truly impressive.

Most Extra: Mieps, Wies, Pien, and Lien (@miepstheguineapig)

These little piggies are living in a dream, posing in pastel piles of tulle, reading books lit by strings of fairy lights, and getting their own birthday celebrations more extra than any I’ve ever had.

Fluffiest: Coco and Minty (@cocoandminty)

When my hair gets fluffy, it does not look this cute. I can’t get over these poofy balls of fluff and I never will.

Most Spirited: Zazu and Zira (@wheeksqueak)

Nothing warms my heart like a themed Insta feed, and Zazu and Zira definitely have their calendar up to date. Inflatable pool floaties for summer, chocolates for Easter, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and mistletoe for Christmas—I see you, Zazu and Zira, and I appreciate you.

Most Optimistic: Penelope (@guineapigma)

Princess Penelope is a glass-half-full kind of gal, always down for a snack, or an adventure, or anything really. She also supports saving the planet, which is something I can stand behind.

Best Beach Bod: Pim (@pim_guinea_pig)

Pim is a hairless guinea pig, also known as a skinny pig. I’m all for body positivity, and Pim’s beautiful rolls have taught me to embrace my own beach bod this summer.

Best Dressed: Valentina (@valentinaguineapig)

The captions are not in English so I’m not sure what’s going on, but the photos of Valentina and her crew are groundbreaking content. These guinea pigs have wardrobes to envy, including hair bows, bunny ears, bandanas, party hats, and more.

Cutest Eaters: Charlie and Lennox (@oursweetpiggielife)

There’s nothing like a blueberry buffet to get the party started. This crew won’t let anything get in between them and their snacks, and honestly, I can relate to that big time. Check these guys out to see the little munchkins munching away.

Most Inspirational: Ludwik (@ludwik_guinea_pig)

Ludwik the skinny pig has quite the backstory, going from an abandoned pet to Insta-stardom in less than a year. The captions are also inspirational AF, with A+ advice like, “Don’t be sad. Sad spelled backwards is das & das not good.”

Rowdiest Bunch: Gus, Cecil, and Rupert (@ladypigford)

Owner Lady Pigford has her hands full with this feisty family. Like most siblings, sometimes they get into scuffles, but most of the time you can catch them hanging out like besties.


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