Blessed day. The heroes at Nintendo just solved the Switch’s biggest flaw—and surprisingly, it will only cost you less than $20.

Launching on July 13 at a suggested retail price of $19.99, a new adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch system allows gamers to charge the Switch while playing in tabletop mode. The new stand features a port for an AC adapter on the side, and lets players adjust the angle of the stand to obtain the best viewing angle—glare, be gone!

The Nintendo Switch’s charging port is located on the bottom of the console, which is no issue for TV mode or even handheld mode, but when you remove the Joy-Cons, open the kickstand, and try to play in tabletop mode, the option to charge the device while you play becomes impossible. Read as: You only get about an hour of playtime in tabletop mode before needing to stop and recharge. While this is enough time to get you through a level or two in Super Mario Odyssey, it’s nowhere near enough time to build a Labo Toy-Con.


The new charging stand will also be a vast upgrade from the flimsy kickstand the Switch already features, which posed the biggest problem for gamers enjoying Nintendo’s new Labo kits. This much-needed and long-awaited accessory can be placed on pretty much any flat surface to provide gamers with a sturdy way to keep the Switch in place whenever, wherever.

In the meantime, we don’t recommend booking any cross-country flights until July 13, when you can be sure you can play the whole flight! Thankfully for us East-Coasters, this will arrive just in time for International Comic-Con: San Diego.