Fifth-edition players who got their start in the Lost Mine can finally return for new adventures!

The Lost Mine of Phandelver was many players’ introduction to 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). The adventure, included in the Starter Kit, was designed to welcome new players to the game and invited a group of adventurers to explore the areas around the town of Phandalin and race villainous goblins to the treasures within Wave Echo Cave. Now, players can return to Phandalin in the new Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk adventure book.

Players of the original Lost Mine will remember Klarg and his band of goblins. | Source: Wizards of the Coast

The Shattered Obelisk takes players back to the sleepy village of Phandalin, but this time, the stakes are even higher! While the original Lost Mine book took players from level 1 to 5, The Shattered Obelisk will follow an adventuring party from level 1 to 12. Players will venture into the Underdark, meet new characters, and face new foes.

One-third of the book features the original Lost Mine adventure with some updates, which is sure to have some players nostalgic for their early D&D experiences. Things don’t stay in the original story for long, though, as the adventure seamlessly transitions into new content.

First, Phandalin is getting some new faces. Rivibiddle is a gnomish archeologist — nicknamed “Indiana Gnomes” by the creatives over at Wizards of the Coast — who is sure to be a fun character for any dungeon master to jump into. Gwyn Oresong is a dwarvish scholar, hailing from Neverwinter, who can provide the party with helpful information as things get stranger. Old favorites will also get some updates. The changes include making Reidoth the Druid a woman with a fox familiar.

We mentioned things getting strange, and they really do. From psionic goblins to cows with curses, things in Phandalin aren’t looking quite the same this time around. Thanks to some dangerous energy mutating things in the Underdark, players will have uniquely monstrous enemies to face in The Shattered Obelisk. The Flesh Melds will delight horror fans with their strange assortment of body bits, while the Gemmules might confuse players for a second with their gooey triangle shape. But things will clear up quickly when they attack!

Take up your spears, staves, and swords, and get ready to venture once more into the world you love with this fresh take on the adventure that started it all! Fans of Phandelver can return to the village to save it all over again in Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk. The new adventure book is releasing on Sept. 19, with early access to digital content on D&D Beyond starting on Sept. 5.


A fresh take on the classic adventure! This D&D adventure book returns players to the village of Phandalin, with new content, monsters, mysteries, and more. It's available for preorder now and will debut on Sept. 19, 2023.

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