Kentucky Fried Chicken has a new colonel in town, and he’s bringing us back to the ‘80s.

Colonel RoboCop is the new Colonel Sanders, back in action to guard KFC’s coveted and secret original chicken recipe.

Colonel RoboCop’s latest mission is to transport an encrypted copy of the secret recipe from the KFC headquarters to the Bahnhof maximum-security nuclear bunker in Stockholm, Sweden, while acting as the face of the fast food franchise.

The new — and scary — Colonel will star in a series of ads promoting KFC’s four $20 Fill Ups and $5 Fill Up.

“For decades, fried chicken fans have tried and failed to recreate the distinctive, sought-after taste of the Colonel’s secret recipe,” KFC U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Zahumensky says in a statement. “So more than 30 years after this debut, we commissioned RoboCop with a new directive — to act as protector and preserve a copy of our secret recipe by transporting it a nuclear-proof location. Now, if you happen to survive the apocalypse, you can still enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken. Makes perfect sense, right?”

Yes, it makes sense to opt for a heart attack after you’ve survived the Armageddon. Celebrate with a bucket of greasy fried chicken and a large Diet Coke all to yourself!

Catch Colonel RoboCop in upcoming ads and commercials starting on Feb. 24.

Photo: Kentucky Fried Chicken