LAMO Figures

Meet the Lamo guys. 

The crew consists of world-famous streamers, including Ninja, Tim the Tatman, Lirik, Summit1g, Dr. Disrespect, and Noscope Andy, all in big-headed, miniature cartoon form. Lamo is a three-pronged, inter-network designed by professional gamers. There is an online battle game, handheld collectibles, and a mobile app that connects the physical world of the figures to the digital world of the game. 

The team behind Lamo set out to make the collectible figures for nostalgic reasons. Think about some of the aspects of gaming that are more or less gone — probably forever. From the act of purchasing to actually playing, the gaming experience has become almost universally digital. Sentimental elements from the past have been lost. When was the last time you actually went out and bought a game or *gulp* rented one from your local video store? When was the last time you really had a chance to appreciate the artwork on a game case? 

The 5-inch-tall, vinyl Lamo collectible figures are great for wistful gamers longing for the past. They are real, damn it! They can be displayed just about anywhere, whether that is on the top of your bedroom drawer or beside your computer at work. 

Each Lamo figure has its own distinct features inspired by its real-world counterpart. The Ninja Lamo figure spotlights the popular gamer’s wavy blue hair, worn above a yellow headband. The Lirik Lamo figure shares the same gelled-up locks and trimmed beard with his full-sized human. The Tim the Tatman Lamo figure wears his cap backward, and naturally, he has multicolored tattoos scrawled down his arms. 

The team behind the Lamo collectible figures, Wicked Cool Toys, couldn’t entirely ignore the digital world, though. (They are, after all, based on a streaming service.) Each Lamo figure box features a QR code fans can scan for an augmented-reality, multiplayer experience and exclusive content. Order any — or all — of the limited-edition collectibles while supplies last!

Photos: Wicked Cool Toys

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