Have you ever considered what would happen if Hulk did not, in fact, smash? Chronicle Books has, and the result is an upcoming Marvel Mindfulness book, as well as two other new titles coming in fall 2024. 

Marvel heroes deliver mindfulness tips in one of the new titles. | Source: Chronicle Books

Marvel Hulk Not Smash: Practice Mindfulness the Mighty Marvel Way is the superhero fanatic’s guide to healthy mindsets and actionable thought processes. The illustrated book, available Oct. 8 for $14.95, will include Marvel heroes paired up with thematically fitting advice. For example, Mister Fantastic teaches readers flexibility, while Rocket Racoon suggests trusting your team. 

The Super Graphic will be a visual-first guide to the world of Marvel! | Source: Chronicle Books

And no longer will super-vision be needed to see the big-picture of the many verses of Marvel: A hyper-visual new book, the Marvel Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Marvel Comics Universe will incorporate super-powered pie charts, Venn diagrams, timelines, and more, to answer questions like, “How many stomach-soothing tablets would Galactus need if he ate the Earth?” and, “Who won each fight between the Thing and the Hulk?” It will be available for $22.95 Sept. 24. 

Learn Spidey-inspired workouts with the 50-card fitness deck! | Source: Chronicle Books

And because your body is much like the place to worship Norse God Thor, that is, a temple, another new Chronicle Books publication coming out in autumn is the Marvel Fitness Deck: Be the Hero of Your Exercise Adventure. The 50-card deck will drop Aug. 6 for $19.95 and includes accessible exercises with a range of motion in mind inspired by favorite characters like Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel.

To check out its existing roster of Marvel titles, check out the Chronicle Books site.

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