After the release of Disney’s live-action Mulan trailer in July, fans have been anxiously awaiting more information on the film. Disney finally answered our calls for more content today when it dropped an all-new official trailer to satiate our desire for more Mulan content.

The trailer seems to show a reimagined film completely different from the 1998 version of Mulan. The premise is the same, but the villains, mythical creatures, and humor from the animated feature have been removed to create a more serious cinematic experience. 

It opens up with an intimate moment between Mulan and her father Hua Zhou, a crippled war veteran. He asks Mulan why the phoenix sits at the right hand of the emperor, stating that it is because she is “his guardian. She is both beautiful and strong,” setting the stage for the epic tale of Mulan’s transformation into an honored warrior. The trailer shifts to reveal two new villains: Böri Khan, a vengeful warrior, and Xianniang, a powerful witch. These villains storm the Great Wall of China and decimate Chinese forces with dark magic and inhuman strength. Currently, their reason for attacking the kingdom is still unknown. 

Upon their invasion, the emperor of China decrees that every household must enroll one man in its family in the Chinese army. Hua Zhou, having only two daughters, asks to be drafted, knowing he probably won’t return. Mulan’s’ family is devastated knowing that he would likely not survive due to his damaged leg. Mulan, inspired by her father’s dedication to his country, takes it upon herself to defend and honor her family in his place. She steals her father’s sword, dons his armor, and marches to the frontlines to train under the alias Hua Jun.

Watch the trailer for yourself below!

The trailer is beautifully shot and filled with the colorful cultural history of China (whoever did the research and costuming for this movie needs an Emmy). Each scene from the trailer uses a perfect balance of color that sent chills down my spine as an acoustic version of “Reflection” played in the background. Mulan appears to be an accurate period piece that glorifies the majesty of China and its folklore. 

I hate to break it to any Mushu lovers out there, but no tiny dragon makes an appearance. Disney seems to have replaced our favorite scaly friend with a noble phoenix to bring more attention to Mulan’s character development. Who knows though, he could show up in the final film.

The movie is set to release in March. Until then, fans can watch the animated classic on Disney+ to get even more excited for the live-action film. Follow the official Mulan Instagram account to stay in the loop.

Photos: Walt Disney Studios

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