Diamond Comic Distributors released a list of last year’s best-selling publishers, comic books, and graphic novels today. 

Marvel Comics was the top publisher with seven out of the 10-most-sold comics. DC came in second, but its issue of Detective Comics No. 1000, which celebrated the 80th anniversary of Batman’s debut, sold the most of any comic book. Image Comics came in third, but Spawn No. 300 was the second-most-bought comic.

DC’s Watchmen was the best-selling graphic novel, most likely due to its HBO series. Saga Volume 1, from Image Comics, came in at No. 2. Dark Horse Comics’ Umbrella Acadamy: Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite, which became a show last year on Netflix, placed third.

Diamond Comic Distributors finds its data by looking at how much it sold to comic book shops all around the world. Check out all of the top five of everything below!


  1. Marvel Comics
  2. DC
  3. Image Comics
  4. IDW Publishing
  5. Dark Horse Comics

Comic Books

  1. Detective Comics No. 1000 (DC)
  2. Spawn No. 300 (Image Comics)
  3. X-Men No. 1 (Marvel Comics)
  4. Black Cat No. 1 (Marvel Comics)
  5. DCeased No. 1 (DC)

Graphic Novels

  1. Watchmen (DC)
  2. Saga Volume 1 (Image Comics)
  3. Umbrella Acadamy Vol. 1: Apocalypse Suite (Dark Horse)
  4. Monstress Volume 1 (Image Comics)
  5. Mister Miracle (DC)

Photo: DC