After first-look photos at the characters and a teaser trailer were released, our expectations for the new live-action Aladdin were not terribly high for the pantomime-looking production. However, with Disney’s recently released official trailer, we were transported to a whole new fantastic point of view for the remake.

The trailer, which premiered early this morning on Good Morning America, promises all of the action, opulence, and romance one would expect in Agrabah while keeping the integrity of the iconic original. The teaser reveals scenes of street rat Aladdin racing through the city, the moment he meets Princess Jasmine for the first time and their eyes lock, a sinister Jafar, a trek to the cave of wonders to receive the famous lamp, and plenty of scenes of Will Smith’s CGI-blue genie — ponytail and all — granting his new master wishes and performing Broadway-caliber dance numbers, all set to the classic film soundtrack we know and love.

The film, directed by Guy Ritchie, includes new recordings of the original tunes and two new songs written by Oscar-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Disney also released a brand-new movie poster featuring our favorite residents of Agrabah — including the animal sidekicks!

OK, now I’m sold on this new adaptation.

Aladdin debuts in theaters on May 24.

Photo: Disney/YouTube