Source: ADK Emotions NY

Chances are back in 1999 you were sitting comfortably in your tie-dye pajamas, purple ketchup on your side, ready to watch Beyblade and then partake in a battle with the toys.

If this imagery digs up some nostalgia for the brand, you’re in luck. The first generation of Beyblade content is now available on YouTube, marking the beginning of many celebrations ahead of the cartoon’s 20th anniversary next year.

Content will be dropped weekly, featuring classic episodes in English and Spanish. Those who grew up watching the battle series can rekindle their love of the spinning toys, and a whole new generation of fans can catch the animated content for the first time.

Fresh content and even newer toys will also be available before the platinum anniversary. Hasbro has been making Beyblade toys in the U.S. for 18 of those 20 years and will release new products this fall. On the content side, Beyblade Burst has already won over fans on YouTube and Netflix.