Photo: Netflix

Get ready to add to your Netflix queue.

Season five of the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman drops September 14 on Netflix, and we’re getting the first look at the fifth season.

As revealed in the newly released trailer, in this season, while BoJack attempts to restart his career as the star of a new cop drama Philbert, his personal life remains in shambles on his quest for self-actualization through the “Hollywoo” chaos. However, it seems career success won’t quite lead to fulfillment without some self-improvement work.

While the trailer depicts the show’s signature cartoonish ridiculousness, there’s a lingering theme of despair throughout the teaser.

We can’t wait to see BoJack’s attempt to get back on his feet and what the rest of the crew is up to when the series returns next week.

h/t Gizmodo