Back to the Future ReAction Figures | Source: Super7

It’s time to travel “Back in Time”… again with a second wave of ReAction figures inspired by Back to the Future.

Super7 is back from the ’80s with four new 3.75-inch, vintage-style action figures. Each figure retails for $17.99 and comes in retro ’70s and ’80s 6-by-9-inch cardback packaging.

Back to the Future ReAction Figures of Doc, Marty, and Einstein | Source: Super7

Let your nostalgia overflow with figures inspired by four iconic scenes. Catch Doc Brown wearing his famous mind-reading contraption and his silver jacket from 1955. Or, if you want some puppy love, there’s a second figure of wearing his white jumpsuit that comes with a mini Einstein the dog. On the Marty McFly side of things, there are two figures: Marty in the yellow radiation suit that he wore to scare his dad and a classic Marty wearing his life preserver vest and carrying his skateboard.

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The figures follow up the Back to the Future II ReAction figures that dropped last summer. That wave included a ’50s Marty, Future Doc, Future Marty, and Biff and Griff Tannen from the future. The Wave 1 figures are still available to purchase on the Super7 website.

Super7’s new Back to the Future ReAction Figures will be released this month and are available for preorder at Entertainment Earth and