BuzzFeed News-branded convenience store preview | Source: BuzzFeed

Move over, Hudson News — There’s a new player in the airport convenience store game, and they may just go viral. 

BuzzFeed, Inc. — the digital media company known for its personality quizzes, Tasty videos, and more — has teamed up with leading airport retailer Stellar Partners, Inc. to launch BuzzFeed News-branded convenience stores in airports across the U.S. 

The stores will support local businesses and stock up on magazines, travel supplies, snacks, beauty products, lifestyle items, and more, just like any other convenience store. However, travelers can stay connected with the world by checking out the latest news and entertainment on BuzzFeed monitors throughout the store. 

According to Buzzfeed’s senior vice president of consumer products, Melanie Summers, the brand will “utilize [its] data-driven research and insights to give consumers a curated travel experience with the products they want most.”

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This isn’t BuzzFeed’s first foray into consumer products and shopping: The company’s Tasty brand has a kitchenware line at Walmart, BuzzFeed partnered with Buffalo Games for a series of party games in 2020, and there is an online shop that offers official BuzzFeed-inspired products. Based on the initial announcement, it is unclear if BuzzFeed-branded items will be available in these airport stores, but it certainly seems likely.

The first two BuzzFeed stores will open in LaGuardia Airport’s newly built Terminal C this spring.