Marvel has only ramped up its promotional efforts now that we are less than a week away from the highly anticipated theatrical release of Captain Marvel.

In keeping with the superhero film’s ‘90s setting, Marvel Studios has released some throwback Magic Eye-style posters. First seen on the official Twitter account, there are five new posters, each with a different themed pattern relating to the film. Each poster features a unique autostereogram, a computer-generated image that appears at first to be a 2D pattern but it reveals a hidden 3D scene with a certain viewing technique.

According to, the Captain Marvel-themed posters contain hidden images of a Carol Danvers bust with her Mohawk, aviator sunglasses, and the star symbol in the throwback puzzle.

In addition to the trippy yet nostalgic puzzle, the official Captain Marvel social accounts posted a “one week away” video, showcasing super-powered moments we can’t wait to see on the big screen.

Before the film’s release on March 8, fans can watch the livestream from the Hollywood premiere on Monday evening as the cast celebrates the latest MCU hero. If Brie Larson showed up to the film’s British premiere like a true queen, her U.S. premiere look will definitely go higher, further, faster.

Photo: Marvel Studios