This guidebook features the ‘Voyager’ ships in the second half of the alphabet. | Source: Hero Collector

Ships have been the backbone of the Star Trek universe for decades, carrying fan-favorite crews on adventures in The Original Series, Voyager, and beyond. To celebrate those ships, Hero Collector has created Star Trek Shipyards, a series of illustrated guide books worthy of a Vulcan library.

Vessels helmed by both friends and foes will get the spotlight in the new Delta Quadrant: Ledosian to Zahl, which is the sixth installment in the Shipyard series. Written by Marcus Riley, Ian Chaddock, and Mark Wright, this book is also the second volume in a duo specifically highlighting vessels from Star Trek: Voyager. The first, The Borg and the Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim, covered the front half of the alphabet and was released in May this year.

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This new volume will cover Voyager ships with names in the latter half of the alphabet, including the Lokirrim Warship, the Species 8472 Bioship, and the Vidiian Warships. The ships are illustrated with CG artwork, most of it previously unseen, that has been created using the original VFX models made for Star Trek: Voyager. This imagery accompanies detailed, technical overviews and operational histories of each vessel.

And like every good Star Trek crew, the trio of expert authors behind this guidebook have their bases covered: This collection features every ship, even those that flashed on the screen for just a couple of seconds.

Trekkies can add a hardcover Delta Quadrant: Ledosian to Zahl to their book collections starting on Aug. 10 for $34.95.