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Text: D&D Beyond and the Disability Community of Wizards Present Galesong: Dragons’ Convergence.

6 headshots of performers are labelled Makenzie De Armas, Aliza Pearl, Angel Giuffria, Jennifer Kretchmer, Rogan Shannon, & Quincy of Quincy’s Tavern.

Under the photos, text reads: With special guests Aabria Iyengar, Sam de Leve & More!

Coming soon on D&D Beyond
The actual play event will feature lots of fan favorites! | Source: Wizards of the Coast

Tabletop roleplaying is a hobby any community can enjoy. If you have dice and a desire to play pretend with your friends, the world of tabletop is waiting. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is making that clearer than ever with Wizards of the Coast’s first actual play event (a D&D game played with an audience watching) featuring American Sign Language interpretation and a focus on characters and performers with disabilities.

Galesong: Dragon’s Convergence invites some favorites from the actual play community, with performers from Critical Role, Dimension 20, and the D&D team at Wizards of the Coast. The cast of characters will feature Quincy of Quincy’s Tavern on TikTok; performer, consultant, and writer Jennifer Kretchmer; actor and consultant Angel Giuffria; actor and tabletop roleplaying streamer Aliza Pearl; and YouTube creator and freelance Deaf interpreter Rogan Shannon.

The adventure is written and dungeon mastered by Makenzie De Armas, game designer for D&D Studio and co-lead for Disability Community for Wizards. It will take place in a favorite D&D setting for many — the Sword Coast. When something goes wrong during a ritual on Stormwreck Isle, the cast of adventurers will need to, as usual, save the day one way or another. 

The Dragon Talk podcast featured dungeon master Makenzie De Armas in the segment “Insight Check.” | Source: Wizards of the Coast

The first episode, “Galesong: Before the Storm,” is a prelude game that will feature guest appearances from Aabria Iyengar — previously seen in Dimension 20, Battle for Beyond, and Critical Role —  as well as Sam de Leve of Geek & Sundry and D&D Live. It will be released on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 4 p.m. PT. 

Everything will come together on Thursday, Dec. 15 for “Galesong: Convergence.” This episode will also release at 4 p.m. with more special guests expected to make appearances, including Taliesin Jaffe, Matthew Mercer, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Amy Dallen, and Robbie Daymond. And, if fans can’t get enough after everything is all wrapped up, there will be behind-the-scenes content with “Galesong: Behind the Scenes” on Saturday, Dec. 17. 

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D&D is a huge community that should welcome any and all players. Galesong: Dragon’s Convergence will be an actual play event with that message very much in mind. Grab a seat in your favorite post-adventure cozy chair and catch Galesong: Dragon’s Convergence on the official D&D Beyond YouTube channel!