“Make it a Michael Knight” | Source: Fanattik

Fanattik just hit the Turbo Boost button for a new range of products that are officially approved by the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG).

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Knight Rider, the collectibles brand inked a partnership deal with Universal Brand Development for a new range of products inspired by a series that was ahead of its time and became a global sensation with a cult following.

Fanattik’s Luiz Ferreira shows off some Knight Rider product with Michael Knight | Source: Fanattik

“Members of the team here at Fanattik loved watching Knight Rider growing up,” the Fannatik team said in a statement. “Michael was so cool — with balls of steel — so when we were throwing bottle opener ideas around, we thought, what better way to open a bottle than by using what was between his legs?”

Yes, Fanattik is playing into the flirty nature of FLAG’s Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) with products like a bottle opener, collectible pin, a keychain, and glassware that come in packaging labeled “Make it a Michael Knight.” Of course, you can’t have Knight Rider without the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), and the original smart car is featured prominently as well.

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Additionally, Fanattik and Universal are also collaborating on new products for two other iconic properties celebrating 40th anniversaries this year: Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Keep your scanners peeled for new Knight Rider, E.T. , and The Thing merch at wearefanattik.com.