‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Chocolate Bars and Hot Sauce | Source: FYE/the Pop Insider

Can’t handle the heat of the upcoming battle between Godzilla and Kong? No worries — Now you can get a small taste of it in a hot sauce bottle or chocolate bar.

FYE, in partnership with Toho and Legendary, has launched a consumable product line of chocolate bars and hot sauce to celebrate the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong movie. These snacks are just the right amounts of sweet and spicy to capture the essence of the titular monsters!

The Godzilla vs. Kong Heat Ray Hot Sauce ($5.99) is a small, 5-ounce bottle that packs a Godzilla-sized punch. Its mixture of jalapeno peppers, vinegar, salt, and various spices embodies the heat of this ultimate showdown.

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For a sweeter snacking experience that still has a kick, try the Godzilla Fiery Chili Chipotle Dark Chocolate Bar ($3.99). The packaging shows off the King of the Monsters on an ominous and powerful blue-and-purple backdrop. Unwrap the essence of Godzilla in this 3-ounce bar, which has bittersweet and picante flavors.

In the opposing corner is the Kong Banana Crunch Milk Chocolate Bar ($3.99), with more mild flavors but a crunch that bites back. Its rough texture and nutty, smooth flavor capture the ruggedness of King Kong in all of his jungle glory. The 3-ounce chocolate bar’s packaging features Kong in neon, red-and-orange coloring.

Source: FYE

Finally, Godzilla and Kong collide within the massive Showdown Titan 1-Pound Milk Chocolate Bar ($19.99). The packaging features a stark, radioactive-green background that contrasts the dark-violet silhouettes of Kong and Godzilla in fighting stances. This weighty, 16-ounce bar packs the same heavy-handed blows of milk chocolate goodness.

In addition to these exclusive, licensed munchies, FYE also has apparel inspired by Godzilla vs. Kong. Fans can check out these hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts at fye.com, then catch Godzilla Vs. Kong in theaters or on HBO Max starting on March 31.