Source: Hunt A Killer

Nancy Drew is on the case, but she needs your help!

Murder mystery game company Hunt a Killer has partnered with Simon & Schuster for a new game featuring the iconic literary detective Nancy Drew, who has been solving crimes in books and on-screen for more than 90 years.

The all-in-one game is called Mystery At Magnolia Gardens. In the game, players help Nancy Drew solve a mysterious poisoning at a botanical exhibit called Magnolia Gardens after Nancy herself becomes ill.

Source: Hunt A Killer

The game includes a variety of evidence that players use to help solve the case, including maps, police reports, characters’ personal effects, and more. Using their best detective skills, players have to piece together what happened before the poisoning culprit strikes again.

Mystery At Magnolia Gardens will be available to buy as a standalone game, separate from Hunt A Killer’s subscription service. The game costs $29.99 and is available to preorder now from Amazon. It is set to ship on Oct. 15, with an expansion planned for next year.