Kirby enters a Mouthful Mode in Kirby and the Forgotten Land | Source: Nintendo

Who’s ready for adventure? Kirby always is, that’s for sure. And now this iconic pink, always-hungry video game character is ready for his latest solo foray. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a 3D platforming adventure for the Nintendo Switch family of systems that will be out on March 25. Today, Nintendo fans can get a closer look at this game thanks to a new eshop demo, which our team got to preview earlier this week. 

The demo features three stages to give players a sense of gameplay: Point of Arrival, Downtown Grassland, and The Brawl at the Mall. Players can decide to enjoy the demo (and later, the full game) in either a more narrative-focused “Spring Breeze” mode or a more challenging “Wild Mode.”

Kirby hovers to avoid a foe in Kirby and the Forgotten Land | Source: Nintendo

The first area acts as a tutorial, showing players how to make Kirby jump, hover, and more. Then Downtown Grassland gives players a chance to further explore the world of the game. The premise of this adventure is that Kirby is suddenly taken to a new land by a portal, where he discovers that Waddle Dees are being captured. It’s up to Kirby (and Bandana Waddle Dee, if you’re playing co-op) to figure out why the Waddle Dees are being targeted and to save them. 

In areas like Downtown Grassland, players have a variety of goals that, if met, will help save Waddle Dees. Some are visible on a checklist from the start, while others you must discover by interacting with the world.  Throughout the game, Kirby can also utilize his signature “Mouthful Modes” and Copy Abilities. 

Navigating these areas in the demo introduces plenty of other game elements, too, such as collecting coins and capsules, finding food items to restore health, and starting to utilize Mouthful Modes. These modes turn Kirby into items that he inhales, like a vending machine, a car, or a cone. Each becomes useful for navigating and succeeding in the game. 

The third area, The Brawl at the Mall, gives players a chance to take on one of the game’s early bosses, Strong-Armed Beast Sorimondo, who has been shown in previous gameplay trailers.

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Players who complete the eshop demo will also receive promo codes that they can enter in the full game to receive a variety of in-game items. 

Based on the demo, The Forgotten Land will be a fun addition to the Kirby series, offering wide age appeal and some adorable animation. You can download the demo and/or preorder Kirby and the Forgotten Land here.