Source: The Op/The Pop Insider

Get ready to, as The Op puts it, take The Mighty Nein to Level 10! There is a new licensed version of the card game Munchkin on the way, and this time it is inspired by Critical Role.

Munchkin: Critical Role is a standalone card game, and part of a larger line of co-branded Steve Jackson games. The new game features beautiful, detailed box art, plus more than 160 original pieces of original art throughout its components, created by character artist Elena Muñoz and artist Tyler Hostettler.

Players can choose to play as any of the main characters from the popular D&D adventuring party, who each have special abilities within the game. Then, players get their Goggles of Night Vision, Dagger of Denial, and Pocket Bacon; team up with a favorite guest star; and battle familiar foes such as Gloomstalkers, Captain Avantika, and Obann.

This game is designed for 3-6 players and will retail for $24.99. It will be available from The Op’s online shop and the Critical Role online shop in February! Fans can also preorder the game now from Amazon, with a Feb. 28 release.

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