There are three new Star Wars games in development. | Source: EA

Gamers, power up your lightsabers — There are new Star Wars video games on the way! And no, we aren’t only talking about the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Today, Electronic Arts (better known as EA), Lucasfilm Games, and Respawn Entertainment shared plans for multiple upcoming games set in the Star Wars universe. Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is leading the development and production of these news projects.

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There are three titles in progress, starting with the next installment of the Star Wars Jedi series. Game Director Stig Asmussen and his team are already working on the game, along with two new teams. The second title will be a Star Wars first-person shooter game, which is being helmed by Respawn Game Director Peter Hirschmann. The third title is a Star Wars strategy game developed in collaboration with the newly formed studio Bit Reactor and led by Greg Foerstch.

While work has already begun on all three games, Respawn is currently searching for talent to join its teams. Interested applicants can visit Respawn Careers to learn more. Fans can follow Lucasfilm Games on Twitter for the latest updates about these and other Star Wars video games.