Super7 is announcing a ton of new collabs! | Source: Super7/The Pop Insider

Collectors, drop everything and check out Super7’s Instagram page. The collectibles company is teasing some of its biggest projects for the coming months during this week’s ongoing Super7 Days of Teasers event. All of these new projects are all coming out in the first half of this year. Keep scrolling to see all of the teasers, which include some familiar faces and beloved brands!

Super7 x The Weirdest

This new license is described as a group of villain rejects and misfits that bring chaos wherever they go. While we don’t know what collectibles The Weirdest will bring, Super7 plans on dropping them this spring!

Super7 x The Princess Bride

More The Princess Bride collectibles? As you wish! A line of ReAction figures inspired by the cult classic is set to hit shelves this summer!

Super7 x Biz Markie

Super7 is honoring the rapper behind “Just a Friend” with an addition to its lineup of hip-hop legends collectibles this summer. While specifics haven’t been announced, Super 7 has previously released ReAction figures for Notorious B.I.G., RUN DMC, and other hip-hop legends. 

Super7 x Eric B. and Rakim

Super7 and Eric B. and Rakim are collaborating to introduce ReAction figures inspired by the ‘80s hip-hop duo this spring. 

Super7 x Richard Scarry’s Busy World

This collaboration was first announced in September, but Super7 will officially drop Richard Scarry collectibles this summer for the 50th anniversary of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!

Super7 x Dungeons & Dragons

Roll a 20 for initiative and keep an eye out for Dungeons & Dragons ReAction figures, coming out this summer!

Super7 x Sesame Street

Finally, Super7 Days of Teasers ended with the announcement of a collaboration with kids’ show Sesame Street hitting the site this summer. We don’t know what this collaboration will look like yet, but we can’t wait to see it.

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