The Friends, Rick and Morty, and Harry Potter versions of Who Says? | Source: License2Play/The Pop Insider

This one’s for the repeat watchers. The ones who have seen every single episode of Friends so many times that you know exactly who says “He’s her lobster,” and maybe even which episode that quote comes from.

If you know your favorite show or movies inside and out like that, the newest line of card games from License2Play will be the perfect fit for your next game night. Called Who Says?, these card games challenge players to correctly identify which characters from popular TV shows and movies say specific quotes.

At launch, there are four versions of Who Says? available: Friends, Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, and Seinfeld. Each of the games includes 300 quotes from both core and recurring characters in each property. There are also some fake quotes mixed in, to help give the game an extra challenge. You can even get extra points throughout the game by identifying the episode or movie that the quote comes from.

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The game is also very budget-friendly, as each deck only costs $12.99. Up to four players or teams can enjoy the game together, or you can combine decks for a larger (and more challenging) game. Snag this new, fast-paced trivia challenge at the link below!