Even though The Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect whenever, this is the time of year that the film can truly be cherished. As the Christmas season kicks into full swing these puppets can help you gather the magic.

At 6 feet tall, the Jack Skellington puppet, from Folkmanis, is exactly what you’d expect if the character popped out of your screen. His pinstriped suit and curious expression even somehow match even his empty eyesockets. Puppeteers can control his mouth, arms, and legs easily. Unless you have a third arm, only one hand can be used at the same time as the mouth.

Jack’s limbs are thin (as most skeletons are), making his gigantic stature manageable. He’s light and easy to carry around. But, he can’t stand up on his own or even keep his head up, so plan to buy a display mechanism if you want to show him off (or just prop him up in a chair as I did). Storing him might also require some preparation, as his packaging is just a plastic bag. 

Zero, Jack’s ghoulish companion, is available as well because no king is complete without his best friend by his side! Zero is much smaller in size, but still huge on the detail. Hidden under his ghastly sheath are a battery compartment and an on-off switch for the light on the tip of his nose. His mouth even has a gradient color to make catching ribs or candy canes look more hauntingly realistic.

The detailed design of these puppets will have you hearing the beat to This is Halloween” every time you see them. Jack Skellington is $139.99 on Amazon, and his faithful companion has an MSRP of $53.99.

Photo: Folkmanis

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Nicole Savas

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