Promotional artwork for The Unboxed festival. | Source: NTWRK

Catch the internet’s favorite synthetic icons at the Unboxed Festival, both online and IRL later this month. 

Superplastic’s digital characters Janky — a self-proclaimed streetwear icon and part-time stuntman — and Guggimon — an avant-garde horror icon and luxury fashion influencer — are set to host the third annual Unboxed Festival, an event for collectors put on by the livestream shopping app NTWRK

Unboxed is designed to celebrate and showcase designer toys, art, and collectibles in collaboration with influential artists. The event will feature exclusive drops for fans in the designer toy, art, and collectible spaces. 

There will also be limited-edition products dropping online on May 26, starting at noon ET at and from the NTWRK LA store in Los Angeles. The in-store events will also be broadcasted into the app.

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Leading up to the event, fans can start celebrating on May 24 at the NTWRK LA store, where select products from the festival will be available to purchase. NTWRK fans who visit the store on May 26 can enjoy a mixer with drinks and special discounts on BE@RBRICK’s.

For more information download the NTWRK app or visit

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