Ah, yes. The whiny Star Wars manbabies are at it again and this time, Rian Johnson fires back.

A group of clearly well-adjusted fanboys who hate the second-highest grossing Star Wars film of all time have taken their seven months of pent-up rage to create a Twitter account they cleverly named “Remake The Last Jedi.” With a title as original as that, the no doubt 50-year-olds streaming live from Mom’s basement will absolutely be able to top the $1.3 billion blockbuster, featuring “Mom” as Leia, “Dad” as Luke, and probably the family dog as Jar-Jar Binks because these dudes sound like they’d be hype to bring back that ish.

Johnson is so over the Twitter trolls.

Knowing full well that by retweeting it with his sassy shade he’d be giving this nonsense a signal boost, he went ahead and did it anyway because it was too ridiculous not to. Not only is this classy group trying to remake a movie, but they can’t even come up with their own story ideas because crazy concept, they have no idea how to make a movie. The manly men plan to include an “inbox for story treatment purposes,” using a crowdsourcing method to do the work they think they can do better than Johnson. ???  Kay.

The group is both offering to fund the project and accepting pledges, so clearly cohesiveness is their strong suit. For the low, low price of $100, you can witness this train wreck first hand by getting featured in the movie! Oh boy! You know a movie that’s going to be cast with people who literally have to pay to get an acting gig is going to be top notch. For $250, you get to go behind the scenes to see where Mom cuts off the sandwich crusts for Bitter Barry and his merry band of butthurt meninists.

Well, that number seems accurate considering their tweets garner on average, about zero to 20 retweets. The geniuses behind the project stated, “The plan is to make a version of TLJ that is as close to universally accepted as possible! You’ll never please everyone, but at least it wouldn’t be blasphemy.” Sure, Jan.

Rian Johnson isn’t the only famous person mocking this endeavor (much to the obliviousness of these dudes who can’t detect sarcasm).

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