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The 1942 x RepliCade machine is made for people who would love to have a full-sized arcade game on their desk, but just can’t get it to fit.

This Capcom-licensed arcade replica from New Wave Toys is a 1:6-scale version of the classic arcade game 1942 that can fit onto your collectibles shelf without crushing it. It features all of the nostalgic design elements of the real game cabinet — recreated in tiny detail — and is completely playable.

Upon opening the box, I was completely enthralled by the fact that it came with to-scale quarters. My amusement was quickly replaced with the fear that I needed these quarters to play and I would probably lose them all in five seconds. Luckily, they’re just small detail that makes this game feel like the real thing — you don’t didn’t actually need them to play the game.

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It also came with the tiniest set of instructions I’ve ever seen, which tell you how to play the game and look like what you would have read in a game hall in the ‘80s. For those of us who were alive before Y2K (read as: small words strain our eyes) there’s also a full-size instruction manual that dives into more details.

There are a few options when it comes to charging the RepliCade: You can charge up the 11-inch cabinet (and can still play while charging) and then take it to a comfy gaming spot to run on battery power. Or, if you want the ultimate arcade experience, you can keep the machine plugged in at all times and running in “attract mode.” That means the machine will play music and encourage players to insert a coin, just like you’d see at a real arcade.

The 1942 x RepliCade set up for play | Source: the Pop Insider

The gameplay is what we’re here for and it doesn’t disappoint. Players can battle it out in either the original 1942 or in 1943: The Battle of Midway. You use the buttons and switches to shoot down and avoid enemy planes — only now you gently push them with one finger instead of slamming down your whole hand. It also includes a 1943 Mini Arcade Stick for two-player gameplay, which you can also hook up to your tv for a larger-than-life gameplay experience.

Overall, the pew-pew sounds, the nostalgic graphics, and tiny details of the 1942 x RepliCade make it something desk-worthy and awe-worthy. Fans can save their high scores with the non-volatile memory and bring back their own memories of simpler days in one small way.

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