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Gather your Karens and your Kaydens: It’s time to pit generations against each other.

OK Boomer! from Goliath Games is a game based on the phrase created by Gen Z to be used as a response when someone with a bob haircut asks to speak to the manager (among other things). The game itself creates a trivia competition between the generations so you can finally discover who really knows more.

For reference, I have absolutely no idea what generation I am supposed to be included in. I haven’t crashed enough housing markets with avocado toast to be a millennial. Yet, I can’t be Gen Z because to me, TikTok is a Ke$ha song. I also have absolutely no idea what a VSCO Girl is, but I can only assume I would be terrified of her. Luckily, to play this game you just need to have some handy knowledge of the old and the new.

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The game comes with two card decks: Old School and New School. Players divide into teams by age, anyone born before 1980 is old school and after 1980 is new school. For those of you who are in your 20s without any friends in their 50s, you can also combine all of the cards and play individually instead of as teams. Otherwise, it makes a fun game for family gatherings; just be sure to remove any cards with an eggplant emoji, as well as the ones that asks what “making whoopie” means (yes, that is a real card).

Old School trivia questions included in the game. | Source: the Pop Insider

Cards in each deck have enough variety that a millennial born in 1982 should know just as many answers to the questions as a member of Gen Z born in the year 2000. The thing is — and this is where it gets tricky — you’re answering questions from the deck that’s opposite of your age range.

Old schoolers will have to answer tough-hitting questions like “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” and new schoolers have to say who married Cher after she divorced Sonny. Questions focus on pop culture, including shows, musicians, and historic moments. Some cards also feature fun facts thrown in there about boomers, millennials, and Gen Z.

New School questions featured in OK Boomer! | Source: the Pop Insider

Teams keep score and the first to 10 points wins the game (if you’re playing individually, the first to five is the winner). Cards are double-sided so every game can be different, and the almost 600 questions don’t get repetitive.

OK Boomer! takes inspiration from a meme to divide generational lines and brings us closer together. We can dig and stan that.

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