Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 3D Puzzle | Source: Wrebbit 3D/the Pop Insider

I probably don’t have to tell you how puzzles were a true saving grace throughout the Great Dumpster Fire of 2020™. And if you want to go outside the box — literally — or are looking for a new puzzle-y challenge, then you’ll want to stick around. And, trust me: These ain’t your average puzzles, because Wrebbit 3D is taking things to the next level.

If the name (and photo above) didn’t give it away already, here’s the low-down: Wrebbit 3D offers dozens of pop-culture-themed 3D puzzles across a variety of fandoms, including Friends, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Downton Abbey. Fans can construct iconic buildings and scenes from each of these entertainment hits that then double as gorgeous pieces of home decor or collector’s items. Even though you do end up with a realistic piece at the end, don’t confuse them with construction or model kits! There is absolutely no glue required to assemble these puzzles.

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I got to test out one of the latest iterations in its Harry Potter series, the magical Hogwarts Clock Tower 3D Puzzle, which is based on the building from the book and movies series. At 420 pieces, the Clock Tower is one of the company’s more moderately sized puzzles, so naturally, I was equal parts ready to crush it and terrified of it. The most important piece of wisdom I can give to you dear muggles is to follow three important steps: sort, assemble, and piece together. It’s like clockwork! (Get it? I’m here all day.)

Speaking of pieces, I’d like to dedicate this paragraph to fangirling over them. Each piece is backed with a quarter-inch of foam, which not only replaces a traditional satisfying “snap” sound with an equally satisfying squishy touch, but also helps to maintain the integrity of the finished 3D model. You’ll know when the right pieces fit together when you get a snug and tight-fitting piece.

The complete Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set, featuring the Great Hall, Astronomy Tower, and Clock Tower. | Source: Wrebbit 3D

Part of my hesitancy with the puzzle had to do with trying to figure out what pieces went to which part of the tower, but the instruction booklet clearly shows you how to assemble different sections of the overall piece, which made the whole process way less intimidating. This is where sorting the pieces helped a lot, so you can have all of the similarly colored pieces together to try to put together, just like a traditional puzzle. Section by section, you will assemble them flat and then turn them upward. From walls to foliage and roofs, there are 17 total steps to the puzzle.

The satisfaction of adding one section to the completed puzzle at a time is like an ASMR video waiting to happen, and the intricate details of the puzzle overall will make you feel like you can poke your finger through the window or feel the lush leaves on the foliage surrounding the building. Fully assembled, the puzzle is about 13 inches long and tall. If you’ve never completed a 3D puzzle before, or if you are a bit intimated like I first was, then I recommend starting off with a smaller Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter Set — like the Flying Ford or the Hogwarts Express — and work your way up.

If you loved the experience and can’t get enough, witches and wizards can complete the famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with two additional puzzles: the Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall and Astronomy Tower. Connect the three together to have an epic display of the Hogwarts Castle in all its splendor (and have all of your friends “ooh” and “aah” at it).

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 3D Puzzle is a perfect fit for any fan of the Wizarding World. Get puzzlin’!

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