Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband—because Rick and Morty are on the loose, no holds barred. The Rick and Morty Construction Line, from McFarlane Toys, snatches the Adult Swim series out of the TV and into the real world with brick building sets that allow you to build all the kooky scenes from the show.

The series follows a sociopathic and brilliant scientist (Rick) who moves in with his daughter’s family and drags his nervous grandson (Morty) and other reluctant family members on outrageously dangerous adventures across the universe. The construction sets are available in a variety of scenarios that feature different characters in insane situations. Each set has a backstory inspired by the show so you can watch your favorite scenes play out as you build them.

Let’s set the scene: In the “You Shall Now Call me Snowball” kit, Rick creates a device to enhance the family dog’s intelligence after Jerry complains that the dog is stupid. The device turns the dog into a super genius with the ability to talk. The dog changes his name from Snuffles to Emperor Snowball and creates his own robot dog army to rule over humanity. This particular 129-piece set comes with buildable Robo-Suit Snowball and Summer figures, in addition to the blocks and details to build Summer’s bedroom.

The sets come in different sizes and the pieces are more detailed than your average building blocks, with blocks and panels made to look like wooden floorboards and stickers to complete a grandfather clock or posters on a bedroom wall.

Something different from a lot of other construction sets is that you can also build the characters from head to toe. Some characters come pre-assembled, and some come unassembled, depending on the set. The heads, limbs, clothing, and accessories can be attached or detached as you please. You can even swap their heads and limbs to create morphed character hybrids because anything goes when you’re a mad scientist.

The sets are designed for ages 14 and up and they’re pretty easy to build, with illustrated instructions telling you where to place each block with arrows. I build a 98-piece small “Evil Rick and Morty” set, which features an imposter Rick and Morty and an inter-dimensional portal for the to time-travel through, in about 15 minutes.

Once you complete the build, you’re left with a keepsake you can display in your room or on your desk to tinker with whenever you get bored at work.

Some other sets in the line include “The Discreet Assassin,” featuring an alien assassin who purchases weapons from Rick, “Ants In My Eyes Johnson’s Electronics,” featuring the ant-infested owner of an electronic store, and “Spaceship and Garage,” featuring Rick’s spaceship that he pieced together with garbage in his lab.

Combine builds to create a massive Rick and Morty universe, add multiple characters to your scenes, or even mix and match with other construction brands—the bricks and figures are compatible with other sets as well.

If you build it, they will come. If you can’t live inside your favorite cartoon, at least you can play out your favorite scenes with the Rick and Morty construction line. And hey, maybe it’s better to hang with a plastic Rick and Morty then to come face to face with the evil genius himself.

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