Head to your favorite adult animated multiverse with your phone well-protected!

Casetify loves a pop culture collab, with a slate of previous collections ranging from Lisa Frank to Chainsaw Man, and more. Now, the company — known for its quality phone cases and tech accessories — is heading to the world of Rick and Morty. The new collection has everything you need to get ready for your season 7 watch party!

The collection includes a variety of show-inspired designs on Casetify’s Impact, Ultra Impact, Mirror, Clear, Bounce, and Ultra Bounce phone case styles. But Rick and his grandson Morty are ready for more than just phones. Casetify is also offering accessories inclusind AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, MacBook cases, iPad cases, power banks, and phone grip stands.

For those who couldn’t get enough of Pickle Rick’s appearance, the collection includes an entire Pickle Rick MagSafe set that includes a phone case, a power bank, and a wallet. Beyond Pickle Rick, fans of the show will find references to iconic moments across the series, characters they’ve come to love, and more.

The new Rick and Morty x Casetify Collection is available now on the Casetify online store and Casetify Co-Lab app. Portal your way to a new dimension with your favorite tech accessories and make your phone case reflect your fandom!


Head to another dimension with your favorite comedy characters! This new collection from Casetify features Rick, Morty, and more, ready to protect your phone and other tech.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $38-$88

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