A promotional graphic for the RollVsEvil Ukraine campaign | Source: RollVsEvil (@rollvsevil)

This week, a group of tabletop role-playing game and board game companies debuted RollVsEvil, a new initiative that gives gaming communities a chance to battle real-world evil while doing what they love — playing games!

RollVsEvil’s first campaign will support people who are suffering from the invasion of Ukraine. On March 26, players can support the campaign by playing a game in-person or online via roll20.net. During play, participants can think up interesting ways to encourage donations: Maybe pay a few dollars to reroll the dice or draw another card. Players can then send donations to RollVsEvil’s Just Giving page

Players can also make donations on any day that works if they can’t play on March 26. 

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The money from this RollVsEvil campaign will be used to fund Ukraine citizens’ evacuation and resettlement, deliver medical aid supplies to the frontline, provide shelter from conflict, and protect Ukrainian citizens from human trafficking on the borders of Ukraine.

RollVsEvil has so far gained the support of many tabletop companies, including Mantic Games, Modiphius, Steve Jackson Games, Gama, Cubicle 7, Roll 20, UK Games Expo, Steamforged Games, R Talsorian Games, Chaosium, Titan Forge, Q-Workshop, Paizo, Mythic Games, Magpie Games, Green Ronin, Para Bellum, and more.

Interested gamers can sign up for updates on the charity’s progress at RollVsEvil’s website.

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