Each skin comes with the House crest on the front and back of the backrest sleeve. | Source: Secretlab

As Harry Potter fans around the world are living their best wizarding lives in Hogwarts Legacy — the new, immersive RPG from Portkey Games — they might be looking to jazz up their gaming setups and show a little House pride as well. The Harry Potter House Skins from Secretlab will do just the trick.

Fans can transform the look of their Secretlab Titan Evo chairs (dare we say, like magic?) and represent their chosen Hogwarts house outside of the game with Secretlab’s newest chair skin collection. Each skin features a backrest sleeve and a seat base sleeve. The respective House crest appears on the front and back of the backrest sleeve, while the House’s primary and secondary colors appear on both pieces.

Each skin comes in the House’s primary and secondary colors. | Source: Secretlab

For the brave and determined, the Gryffindor skin comes in scarlet and gold. The emerald green and black design of the Slytherin skin is perfect for the ambitious and shrewd, while the intelligent and wise Ravenclaw will enjoy their blue and silver skin. Lastly, the loyal and empathetic members of Hufflepuff have a yellow and black pattern.

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Preorders for the Harry Potter House Skins from Secretlab launch today, March 2, on secretlab.co. Fans will want to move fast as the first two waves of preorders will arrive in May and October, respectively.

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