Kids and young adults across the globe grew up watching
SpongeBob Squarepants. Sunday mornings just weren’t the same without at least one episode of the silly sponge and his friends. As the kids grew up, so did their senses of humor, and thus memes around the lighthearted show were born. SpongeBob memes have popped up all over the internet in recent years, so when Alpha Group launched its line of SpongeBob Masterpiece Memes collectibles, it made sense that fans would be crazy-excited for the release.

The Series 1 SpongeBob Masterpiece Memes collection includes six figures inspired by various memes from the show: Imagination Spongebob (below), two versions of Handsome Squidward (one above), Mocking SpongeBob (above), SpongeGar, and Surprised Patrick (below). Each figurine is a real treat for any SpongeBob fan; they bring about as much joy as decluttering your office or treating yourself to a day off work. The figures function as a good reminder that you’re never too old to love cartoons. If you’re having a bad day they could even remind you that silliness makes the world way more interesting — sometimes having a good laugh is all you need to bring a little light into your day.

Each SpongeBob figure is a masterfully crafted piece of artwork (pun intended). The collectibles are sturdy, 8-inch vinyl figures that can light up any desk space with their bright colors. The figures capture your favorite on-screen moments, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of the nostalgic animation in their own space.

The collection radiates the show’s silly, positive morals without being a cheap, slapstick attempt to sell internet memes. You don’t have to understand the meme to appreciate the detailed figures, so any SpongeBob fan will get a kick out of them. In traditional SpongeBob fashion, the vinyl figures are painted in colors that pop — you feel happy when you first see them. The window-box packaging features original concept art from the show and gives fans a peek at the inner collectible. But the figures aren’t just fun to stare at, they’re also fun to touch. SpongeBob is covered in smooth, green holes that mimic how he looks on the show. 

The best time to enjoy a silly sponge is all the time.

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