Coraline, the stop-motion film that might’ve inspired some nightmares in your youth, is celebrating 15 years! And Funko is celebrating accordingly — with three new Funko Pops! to join your creepy-yet-cute collection.

The Pop! Deluxe Coraline in Tunnel figure ($20) features the title character crawling through the portal to the Other World. Fans will notice the dragonfly hair clip and Coraline’s orange polka dot pajamas. The 4.75-inch collectible also has painted nails! Why-were-you-born also joins the Funko Coraline line: Pop! Wybie Lovat ($12) features the character’s skeleton gloves and black jacket.

The figures feature accessories like opera glasses and a mobility aid. | Source: Funko

The Pop! Spink & Forcible 2-Pack ($25) includes Pop! versions of the Pink Palace showstoppers. Coraline lovers can expand their collections with the 2-pack — younger, Other World Spink and Forcible not included.

The Funko figures are coming soon, so keep a button eye out for the release date.

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