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Get ready for game night, Rose family style!

Okay, no, not an intense game of Celebrity overseen by David in a Rosebud Motel room, but honestly the next best thing. PlayMonster has partnered with ITV Studios for a Schitt’s Creek-inspired version of the popular party game THINGS… (previously known as The Game of Things).

Players are given a topic in each round of the game, and everyone writes down something that fits within that topic. Then, players attempt to guess who wrote which answer. An example topic from the standard game would be “THINGS… you wouldn’t do for a million dollars.” In this version, however, every single prompt has a Schitt’s Creek twist! You might need to come up with “THINGS… that are A Little Bit Alexis,” or “THINGS… that probably shouldn’t be on your town’s ‘Welcome’ sign.” Seriously, this sounds like the perfect activity for any group of Schitt’s Creek fans — perhaps best enjoyed with some fruit wine!

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The Schitt’s Creek Edition of THINGS… includes 200 topic cards, a response pad, and a sticker sheet. It also comes in packaging that’s styled to look like one of the Roses’ suitcases from when they first arrive in Schitt’s Creek. Devoted fans will recognize some of the clothing items that are peeking out from the bag, and there’s even a Rosebud Motel keychain printed on the box.

Fans will be able to get their hands on THINGS… Schitt’s Creek Edition starting on Aug. 15 for $19.99, exclusively at Target. It will then be available at all major retailers starting on Oct. 1.

We are ready for this party game that sounds (we have to say it) simply the best.

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