Back when I had free time, I’d do all sorts of things. Play a game of Monopoly? Count me in; I’ve got five hours to kill. Nowadays, having five minutes to spare is a blessing, and it’s about time there’s a game that I can play in that span.

5-Minute Dungeon, from Spin Master, is a new cooperative (and chaotic) card game that takes a mere five minutes to play. Quick rounds allow players to enjoy rapid fire games, ultimately maximizing the amount of people that can get involved. Included in the box are 250 playing cards, five double-sided Hero Mats, and five Boss mats.As its name suggests, a round of 5-Minute Dungeon takes no time at all, but it’s also quick and easy to learn. In the game, two to five players and their accompanying heroes (represented by Hero Mats) are trapped in a series of five deadly dungeons. To get out, players must work together to fight monsters, hurdle obstacles, and take down Dungeon Bosses (represented by Boss Mats).

To start, each player chooses a hero. Each hero features special cards and different abilities for use against monsters, bosses, and the like. Available heroes include Ninja, Thief, Wizard, Sorceress, Ranger, Huntress, Valkyrie, Paladin, Gladiator, and Barbarian, while bosses include baby Barbarian, The Grime Reaper, Zola the Gorgon, The Dungeon Master, and my personal favorite: A Freakin’ Dragon!!! What a lineup. The game officially begins once the 5-minute timer (there isn’t one included, so you’ll have to use your phone) is set.In order to defeat a monster, overthrow a boss, and escape one of the five dungeons, players must match symbols from their hand of cards to the symbols on the active monster card. If you can defeat all of the Door cards, Chalenge Cards, and the Baby Barbarian, you’ve conquered the first dungeon. But be prepared: subsequent levels/dungeons become more challenging as players progress with the introduction of mini bosses and event cards that require players to perform a specific action before continuing.

All in all, Spin Master’s 5-Minute Dungeon offers fast-paced play and a co-op experience that doesn’t require long-term dedication.

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Joe Ibraham

Joe Ibraham

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