Amazon dished out the first details of its Lord of the Rings series.

In an interview with Deadline, Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke shed some insight on the upcoming adaptation. For starters, there will be familiar characters. Amazon isn’t “remaking the movies,” Salke said, but isn’t “starting from scratch” either.

Salke also said that Amazon was “right in the middle” of conversations with Peter Jackson to gauge his possible involvement in the series. The company might even shoot in New Zealand, and has talked to Simon Tolkien “for a couple of hours.” While none of this is certain (Amazon hasn’t even decided who will write this), it’s obvi that they can’t ignore either J.R.R. Tolkien’s original works or the movie adaptations.

Also, Saike anticipates the show entering production within the next two years for a premiere sometime in 2021—though, as she put it, “There are other people who wish it was 2020.” (Yeah, us!)