Fans can buy each Apex Legends Series 3 figure separately or purchase them together as a three-pack. | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Pop Insider

Action figures designed for a broad audience tend to be a hit or a miss. While they need to be durable for a younger audience, most toymakers also keep in mind that collectors are adding the same figures on their shelves to preserve.

For Jakks Pacific‘s Apex Legends figures, it’s a hit.

Apex Legends is a battle royale video game during which players choose one of 15 Legends to play during squad-based rounds. Each character has its own abilities and play styles, so players have to be strategic in choosing a well-balanced team. And, of course, the last team standing wins the game. Jakks Pacific has been turning the Legends into epic action figures, releasing them in groups of three. This time, fans get to see plastic versions of Mirage, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound (Pathfinder and Bloodhound were previously featured in the first wave, but have different looks this time).

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The stand-out feature for me is how posable these figures are. Even though they’re only at a 6-inch scale, each figure has a whopping 25 points of articulation. Fans can pose the Legends’ necks, shoulders, arms, wrists, legs, ankles, and feet to create any fresh battle pose or recreate iconic stances from the video game. The attention to detail and styling makes them immediately recognizable as their in-game counterparts. #ifyouknowyouknow

Mirage, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound each come with a weapon holder for their backs and two accessories. And I was a happy camper to see stands because one of my biggest pet peeves is figures that you try to stand up and they just keep falling over.

If you prefer to keep your collectibles in packaging, then the Apex Legends will definitely stand out on your shelf. The bright, bold red color draws attention, while none of it covers the figures, so you can still see every detail.

Apex Legends 6-inch Scale Action Figure Mirage | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Pop Insider

Now, let’s get into these dwellers of the Outlands. Mirage is the Legend who loves to stand out, but ironically, is the master of deception. He comes with a swappable Wingman Pistol and VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle.

Apex Legends 6-inch Scale Action Figure Pathfinder | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Pop Insider

This version of Pathfinder features a beige crash test rare skin, as opposed to the teal look from series one. This modified worker bot is known to use his grappling hook to catch enemies off-guard and zipline through the map with ease. The Pathfinder figure comes with a lenticular chest screen, heirloom boxing gloves, and a P2020 pistol.

Apex Legends 6-inch Scale Action Figure Bloodhound | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Pop Insider

Bloodhound’s tracking skills are unparalleled, which makes him one of the greatest hunters in the game. This Bloodhound figure is in his Young Blood Legendary Skin as opposed to his first series release, and comes with Arthur the Raven, Raven’s Bite Axe, and a Charge rifle.

Fans can purchase all of the figures separately, or buy this series as a three-pack at Entertainment Earth or Big Bad Toy Store. Whether for play or display, these figures are a great addition to any video game-inspired collection.

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