Train students and win the tournament in this Cobra Kai board game. | Source: Asmodee

At your next game night, get ready to strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy. 

Today, Asmodee announced that it will release the first official Cobra Kai game. You can “be the best around” in the party board game, testing your sensei skills by training students to compete in the iconic All-Valley Karate Tournament. To be the ultimate winner, a player must have their students reach the finals and achieve victory.

Players will train their students by drafting cards and compete in tournaments by rolling the tournament dice. | Source: Walmart

In the Cobra Kai game, 2-4 players will train their students by drafting cards and rolling dice for tournament combat. As sensei, you can choose your dojo and strengthen your students’ speed, form, and stamina stats. 

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Asmodee is also expanding gameplay with Unexpected Games’ 3000 Scoundrels: Double or Nothing expansion. Players will have to hire scoundrels and outsmart their foes to control the destiny of the Wild West. You can saddle up with 3000 Scoundrels: Double or Nothing for $42.76 on Amazon

Take action and prepare to fight like never before with these new games. Cobra Kai is available to order now from Walmart via the link below.

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