Mean Girls: The Party Game | Source: Big Potato

Hey — you wanna do something fun?

No, it’s not going to Taco Bell (so you can keep up that all-carb diet): It’s playing a Mean Girls party game from Big Potato! If you’ve got a backlog of secrets fuller than Gretchen Weiner’s hair, you’re gonna do just fine.

To play, everyone must write their name on a provided Burn Book page. Then, players will pass around their pages and answer one question about the other player, such as “Who do they have an inappropriate crush on?” or “Who do they feel personally victimized by?”

Mean Girls: The Party Game Cards | Source: Big Potato

Each player will pick an unanswered question and keep passing the pages around until all the questions are answered. Everything is on the table, including funny facts, guilty pleasures, and psychic predictions. No ex-boyfriends, though — that’s just like the rules of feminism.

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Each player gets one shot to guess who wrote an answer. The person who wrote the answer must come clean and will win a point, as will all of the players who guessed correctly. After everyone reads their Burn Book page, the player with the most points wins the game! Let’s go, Glenn Cocos.

Mean Girls: The Party Game is available at Target and for $20.

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