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With the Brilliant or BS? card game, you don’t actually have to have all the answers — you just have to pretend you do.

In this party game, one player acts as a judge and asks a trivia question from one of 85 cards. The other players act quickly to come up with the reason they know the answer. Then, they each submit a card correlating with the answer, but don’t show it to everyone else.

The judge picks out one person who is lying by giving them the BS card and one who must be telling the truth by giving them the Brilliant card. If the judge is wrong on either, they lose points. Whether they got a card or not, every player who chose the correct answer gets a point. After everyone has been a judge twice, the person with the most points wins. Check out the gameplay video below for an easy guide.


Kimelia Weathers, a Black creator and challenge producer, created Brilliant or BS? as a way to bring people together and make game night more fun. It originally dropped last June, after earning more than $10,000 on Kickstarter — no BS!

The game is best for ruining the trust in friend groups with 4-6 people. Find it on Brilliant or BS’ website or Amazon for $19.99.

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