Bring the style of a galaxy far, far away to your gaming setup. | Source: Exquisite Gaming Limited

by Maria Arroja Ferreira, Exquisite Gaming Limited

As summer kicks off and we all clamber outdoors to take in some much-needed Vitamin D, now is probably the best time of year to update and refresh everything indoors, too, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for some swanky new merch. 

To help you on your journey to a fabulous, revamped space we have collated just a few pieces that are guaranteed to brighten up your home featuring the brand-new Ikons range from the Cable Guys.

The PlayStation symbols are truly an Ikon. | Source: Exquisite Gaming Limited

PlayStation Ikon

Now, regardless of whether your first console was a first-generation Sony PlayStation or the new PS5, this slick new PlayStation Ikon illuminates the well-known symbols that all PlayStation gamers have memorized (blessed cheat codes), now as a vibrant new light-up display system for your controllers, phones, and more. It can also be used to add a bright light to your setup.

We hear that Bruce Wayne has this Ikon at the Bat-Computer. | Source: Exquisite Gaming Limited

Batman Ikon 

As Batman once said, “Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” And we did it. Created with a sleek, black design and featuring the Bat Signal — one of the most well-known and iconic symbols in comic book history — our Batman Ikon will bring new light to your gaming setup, to your nightstand, and beyond. Whether you need to charge your controller or phone, this heroic number can handle it.

Lord Vader would be proud to display this Ikon. | Source: Exquisite Gaming Limited

Star Wars Ikon

Some time ago in a galaxy not so far away (actually extremely close to home!), a story was told that would capture the hearts and imaginations of several generations. Now, the time has come to bring a piece of this treasured sci-fi classic home with our Star Wars Ikon. Inspired by the Star Wars opening crawl, this light-up charging and display stand features the iconic, original theatrical poster for George Lucas’ cinematic epic. It’ll bring a new hope to your space!

It’s important to note that all Ikons feature fast charging, except for the Playstation Ikon.

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Level Things Up

Now, some of us are not blessed with more minimalist collections and have a host of other items to display, too, and that’s where the SP2 Powerstands come in.

Created with versatility in mind, you can not only use it to create a curated fandom space featuring our Cable Guys, but you can also remove the headphone arm attachment and place it into any of our Ikons to bring a new element to your display. Plus, with an array of colors to choose from, you can coordinate it with your Ikons, Cable Guys, and home aesthetic!

Worried about how to use your base? Our base was designed to work both with and without the headphone rest, giving you an extra charging station for all your devices and a way of displaying your Cable Guys.

If you’d like to discover even more useful items to revamp your home, be sure to visit our website at to get inspired!

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