New comic and book releases for Black History Month | Source: DC Comics / the Pop Insider

February marks Black History Month, and in honor of the month-long observance, DC and Warner Bros. Consumer Products are celebrating the artistic expressions and contributions of Black comic creators, artists, and characters.

To kick off the celebration, DC has released a collection of new merch. The line features DC’s new Black History Month logo and art from Alitha Martinez, the comic book artist who brought Batgirl to the DC Multiverse. Fans can explore the entire collection of Black DC superheroes in the 1,300-page anthology Milestone Compendium One, which is available for purchase now at major retailers and book stores. To check out the full collection, fans can head to

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DC is also launching a mentorship initiative to foster and develop the creativity of aspiring comic book professionals of color. Announced during DC FanDome 2021, The Milestone Initiative is a collaborative project with Milestone Media and Ally Financial Services. Fans of color can apply to participate in an eight-week virtual education program and a one-week in-person training seminar hosted by working professionals in the field. After the study program, attendees will be paired with other professionals to create original stories for the Milestone Universe. Fans can learn more about the program or submit an application at

Additionally, DC is releasing a series of new comics and books, spotlighting key Black creators and characters, which can be purchased at, as well as participating bookstores. See the full list of upcoming releases below: 

  • “Static” Season One — available now
  • “Hardware” Season One — available now
  • “Icon and Rocket” Season One — available now
  • “I Am Batman” by John Ridley — on sale Tuesday, Feb 8 
  • “NAOMI” Season 2 co-written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker, with art by Jamal Campbell — on sale Mar. 8 
  • “Nubia and the Amazons” by Stephanie Williams with art from Alitha Martinez — available now
  • “Aquamen” by Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas, Sami Basri and Adriano Lucas — on sale Feb. 22 
  • “Green Lantern” by Geoffrey Thorne, Tom Raney, and Marco Santucci — available now
  • “Suicide Squad” by Robbie Thompson and Eduardo Pansica — available now
  • The Other History of the DC Universe by John Ridley, Andrea Cucchi and Giuseppe Camuncoli — available now
  • “Mister Miracle: The Great Escape” by Varian Johnson and Daniel Isles — available now
  • “Nubia: Real One” by L.L. McKinney and Robyn Smith — available now at participating bookstores and digital platforms
  • “Batwing: Luke Fox” — on sale Feb. 15 

For more information on DC’s Black History Month celebration, head to

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