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Disneyland got some scissors and snip snipped some of its passport holder’s privileges.

As its newest land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ramps up to open next summer on June 1, 2019, annual passport holders will no longer be entitled to the full perks they’re used to. They will have to adhere to two new admission calendars, according to The Orange County Register. Instead of allowing guests full access to any park, some passes would be good at certain parks on certain days, but not necessarily both parks on the same day.

According to the Register, there are about 1 million Disneyland passholders. This is reportedly the first time the passport program will see such changes since it started in 1983.

This revision will apply to even the highest level of annual pass, which costs up to $1,149 a year. Prior to the change, Disneyland passholders could get into the amusement park every day of the year.

h/t: The Orange County Register

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