Packaging and featured cards from the new echoes game | Source: Ravensburger/the Pop Insider

The echoes of the past hide the ruin of the future in echos: The Microchip, the newest audio mystery game in Ravensburger’s echos series, which launched last year.

In the game, players must uncover the truth of how an advanced thriving civilization came to its ultimate downfall using the clues provided. As with previous editions of echoes, echoes: The Microchip centers audio, bringing an international voice cast to the tabletop arena. 

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Using a free companion app, players can position their smartphones over a deck of 18 included, illustrated cards that prompt sound clues. Using both the sound clues and illustrations, players must piece together the story and solve the mystery. To find the answers, players look through objects that are paired with these “echoes” and investigate through the special clues and sound bites.

The game is designed to be replayable, so that you can pass it off to friends after you’ve cracked the case. It also features both an easy mode for first-time players and a harder mode for experienced echoes detectives.

Source: Ravensburger/the Pop Insider

As whodunits and escape rooms continue to grow in popularity, the pursuit of mystery and the fun of finding out remains one of the most compelling reasons to not put a game down. Echoes: The Microchip is available now on Amazon for $9.99 and is suitable for one to six players, which means it’s great for a solo mystery experience or a great group game night. Can you uncover the truth?

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