There comes a time in your mid-20s to 30s when it feels like literally everyone you know — or have ever met — is getting engaged. During the holidays and near Valentine’s Day, engagements feel more contagious than a zombie virus. Then, before you know it, your spring is booked with weddings. It can feel daunting to find something to give all of your newly engaged pals, but we have one advantage: We’re geeks. Fandom-inspired home goods make the perfect, unique gift!

Since you’re probably busy talking your friend off a ledge of family-induced stress and flower arrangement woes, we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the best geeky gifts for couples. Now, finding the best engagement present is as easy as watching Dean Winchester talk about pie. Check out our picks below!

Harry Potter Always Sign | LokiEngraving | $39.99

Good news: If you’re buying this, that means your friend’s love is less unrequited than Snape’s — yay for them! Whether they and their partner have a more Ginny and Harry vibe or Hermione and Ron energy, this hand-painted sign is sure to bring some magic into their lives.

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Harry Potter Quidditch Mug Set | TeaTimeDreams | $12.60+

In a moment that was love at first *snitch*, my best friend recently got engaged to someone she met through her college Quidditch team. Thank goodness she doesn’t read my articles, because I’m buying her this set of adorably affordable mugs immediately!

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Fandom Robes | Robe Factory | $49.99-55.99

These fleece bathrobes are one size fits most and are inspired by characters from DC Comics, The Walking Dead, and Star Wars. Now, your friends can be super comfy as they bask in the excitement of their new engagement!

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Personalized Game of Thrones Doormat | VeraFide | $39.99

Your friends can show allegiance to their newly formed house of two with this customizable doormat that reads, “House (insert-their-last-name-here) We Drink & We Know Things.” Blood relation and murderous war path aside, I think Daenerys and John could have made things work if they had this waiting at home.

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Star Wars Pillows | Neapillows | $23.35-73.75

Han Solo and Leia‘s love story was out of this world. Your friends can dream of saving the galaxy with these handmade pillows, inspired by the pair’s iconic exchange from Empire Strikes Back

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Nightmare Before Christmas Bedspread | shopDisney | $54.95

They cannot sleep, cannot dream, tonight if they don’t have this Jack and Sally bedroom set! It includes two pillow shams and a reversible comforter with the couple on one side and Spiral Hill on the other.

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The Office Inspired Engagement Card | MiahDoug Creations | $4.74 

“I feel like all my kids grew up and married each other. It’s every parent’s dream,” is among one of Michael Scott‘s more memorable quotes. As with most things he said, it’s accidentally hilarious and sure to bring a smile. This card comes blank on the inside so you can attempt to write an equally meaningful personal note.

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Star Wars D-0 | Hasbro | $149.99

The second your friends hit send on their perfectly posed Instagram engagement post, they are going to be inundated with questions about when they’ll start having kids. Harness the power of the force and give them the perfect excuse: a droid of their own. D-0 is like the kid they’re being asked about, it just beeps and boops instead of crying. It’s cute, loveable, and reacts to touch and sound. But most importantly, you can turn it off if you don’t want to deal with it. Tell Grandma not to worry — she can still babysit.

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Lord of the Rings Cookbook | Chris-Rachael Oseland | $26.99

It’s important for newlyweds to cook second-breakfast together! This cookbook celebrates all of the meals a Hobbit has in a day (and I mean ALL of them). Find recipes for the butter-filled staples, along with special sections for those with dietary restrictions.

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Go Ahead, Make My Drink | Insight Editions | $19.99

This illustrated book includes 60 recipes for cocktails based on iconic movies and TV shows. Couples can concoct a classic, such as a White Russian from The Big Lebowski, or whip up something edgy, such as Auntie’s Pear Juice from Mad Max.

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DnD Clock | StoryCabin | $54+

This is sure to be the critical hit of the engagement party. (I’m sorry, I had to.)

“Marry the one who makes you feel like you rolled a natural 20,” is great advice to live by. This clock is handmade out of oak and can be personalized to feature the lucky couple’s names and their wedding date. It runs on one AA battery and comes in three different sizes.

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Disney Stitch & Angel Pocket Pop! | Funko | $12.90

These Pop! keychains come together in a heart-shaped window display box that shows the love before it’s even open. Your friends can carry their hearts on their sleeves keys with the 1.5-inch characters from Lilo and Stitch.

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Princess Bride Figurine | Precious Moments | $99.99

Princess Buttercup was amazed to discover that when Westley said, “As you wish,” what he really meant was, “I love you.” And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.

I dare you to think of a more romantic movie scene!

Now all of your friends’ royal romance wishes can come true with this Princess Bride-inspired figure, decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals. The hand-painted, porcelain collectible has the phrase “As you wish” written on the base and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

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Iron Man Coffee Maker | Bed, Bath, and Beyond | $149.99

I am Iron Man addicted to caffeine.

Who wouldn’t want to add a touch of fandom to making their morning coffee? This machine looks like it’s straight out of Tony Stark’s lab — you know he would use it every day! It makes coffee in three cup sizes, using K-Cups or ground coffee. 

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Custom Superhero Portrait | MakeMeAComic | Starting at $143.44

Let your friends know they’re the saviors of your life by turning them into original superheroes

You send the artist a picture of the love-birds, choose a color scheme, and choose a phrase to go at the top. In about five business days, she’ll send you a digital copy of an original illustration that you can print out and frame.

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