Some cards from Star Wars: Unlimited | Source: Asmodee/The Pop Insider

Earlier this month, Asmodee’s Fantasy Flight Games and Lucasfilm revealed plans for Star Wars: Unlimited, a new trading card game set in a galaxy far, far away. Now, the company has offered fans a sneak peek at some of the first cards and gameplay details. 

Star Wars: Unlimited is a fast-paced, strategic card game designed for all kinds of Star Wars fans, from beginners to experienced trading card game players. In this game, each player builds their own deck by collecting randomized booster packs. The first set, Spark of Rebellion, will have more than 200 cards — each with different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities — giving players “unlimited” ways to destroy their opponents. 

Some of the first cards revealed. | Source Fantasy Flight Games

With a ground arena and a space arena, players have to fight battles on two separate fronts. Each card can only be played in one arena at a time, with the exception of leaders. For example, the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader leader cards have powerful abilities that can affect any unit, regardless of arena. Other cards revealed so far include Leia Organa, Imperial officer Grand Moff Tarkin, rebel fighter ship Wing Leader, Imperial battle tactic Maximum Firepower, and the You’re My Only Hope gambit card.

Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play will include a variety of promotional events, split into Casual Play and Competitive Play. Casual Play events will include prerelease events, weekly play, and Store Showdowns, where the focus is to have fun and provide opportunities for newer players to learn the game and for veteran players to try out new decks or strategies. 

A ground unit (left) and a space unit (right). | Source: Fantasy Flight Games

Competitive Play events will provide an opportunity for players to test their skills and strategies against one another in large-scale tournaments with prize pools. These events award tournament points that are tied to player profiles on the Star Wars: Unlimited official website for a chance to earn an invitation to the Star Wars: Unlimited Galactic Championship.

Leader cards have special abilities. | Source: Fantasy Flight Games

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The first set, Spark of Rebellion, will be released next year. Then the game will follow a regular release schedule of three sets per year. Follow Fantasy Flight Games’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Channel for updates, card reveals, gameplay details, and more.

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