Funko Games is launching four new games, just in time for summer. | Source: Funko Games/The Pop Insider

Ready to live long and prosper all summer long? 

Funko Games has revealed several new titles, including two games inspired by popular fandoms. Star Trek Cryptic: A Puzzles and Pathways Adventure and Scream The Game are set to release in June, alongside the English edition of Big Boss and an all-new party game called Nuck Tats. 

Star Trek Cryptic: A Puzzles and Pathways Adventure invites players to explore strange new worlds. | Source: Funko Games

In Star Trek Cryptic: A Puzzles and Pathways Adventure ($34.99), players can go on missions from the beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation era. Climb the ranks of Starfleet and explore strange new worlds in this escape room-style game. 

Scream The Game brings the horror of the iconic movie franchise to the tabletop. | Source: Funko Games

Scream The Game ($19.99) is a cooperative party game that plays with a free companion app starring original voice actor Roger L. Jackson as Ghost Face. The brutal murderer Ghost Face is back in Woodsboro and, as the clock ticks down, players must help each other escape alive.

In Big Boss, players must build up their capital in order to become the Big Boss. | Source: Funko Games

In Big Boss ($34.99), players launch companies and invest wisely in order to earn capital. Buy shares of up-and-coming businesses and reap the rewards of lucrative mergers. The player who wins earns the title of Big Boss. 

Nuck Tats pits players against each other as they come up with the best knuckle tattoos. | Source: Funko Games

Finally, the party game Nuck Tats ($19.99) pays homage to messages that are tattooed on someone’s knuckles. If it fits, any message goes. Each round, one player reveals a customer and everyone else writes possible Nuck Tats for that customer. Each round, the best tattoo wins! 

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All these games will be available for purchase on in June, and Nuck Tats will be available for preorder on Amazon. For more information about Funko Games, check out the company’s website or follow @FunkoGames on Twitter.

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